Sabbath School Lessons

For an in-depth Sabbath school bible study visit the official Seventh-Day Adventist Bible study website.

Adult church members are provided with the Adult Bible Study Guide (formerly known as Sabbath School Quarterly) issued four times a year. It is also known as the “Quarterly” and the “Lesson”. It is published by Pacific Press Printing Association.

Sabbath School quarterlies are Bible study guides that cover a specific topic or book of the Bible every quarter.The quarterly is designed to be read during the week, so that during Sabbath School, the class members are ready to discuss questions and topics raised in that lesson in small groups.

The Adult Sabbath School always has a heavy focus on the bible.

All Seventh-Day Adventist around the world use the same Sabbath School quarterly, translated into the necessary languages (with few exceptions such as Germany, where members cover the same topic with different material.

Official Seventh-Day Adventist Church website

The head office of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is know as the General Conference and it is based in Maryland in the United States of America. To contact them or search for information regarding the world wide Adventist church visit our official website here General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church

British Union Conference Official Website

Within the British Union we have two Conferences, (the North England Conference and the South England Conference) and three Missions (the Irish Mission, the Scottish Mission, and the Welsh Mission). Conferences are financially self supporting whereas Missions receive additional support from the Union.

If you are looking for information relating to the Adventist Churches in the United Kingdom. Visit our official website here British Union Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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